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Al's Tree Surgery are tree pruning specialists in Romford. We are a professional tree surgery company offering tree services to the romford area and surrounding locations. There are many reasons for cutting your tree or trees this could be simply because your tree/trees are overwhelming and are taking up or perhaps taking over your garden area, reducing light to surronding trees shrubs or plants and even the property itself. It is also common practice to prune trees as part of an ongoing maintanance of a specimen and to care for a tree by removing storm damaged or diseased branches. Regular tree pruning can act both as a good monitor of a specimen and a simple aid to your trees and property ensuring that they work harmoniously in both urban and rural areas. This type of tree surgery can also be provided as a service to improve the health of a tree that has remained uncared for during a considerable period of time. In some cases not just the health of a tree will need to be considered but also the safety of a property, neighbouring properties or the general public may be part of the reflection on tree work requirements. By maintaining and ensuring the regular care of trees a tree owner can minimise the risk to themselves, their property and surounding properties as well as any other people who can come within a close proximity of the tree. Once the decision has been made to prune a tree, the next decision to make is whether or not to tackle the job yourself and how confident you might be in doing so. In the case of a large tree where you want to remove big branches in the upper area of the crown, it may be best to hire qualified tree experts. Large tree pruning, in particular, can require climbing and chainsaws or even additional machinery such as cherry-pickers in order to ensure the safe completion of works. This is a job that should be left to trained and experienced professionals, whom are covered by specialist insurances. We would never advise that a client compromise personal safety in pruning a tree and would always recommend seeking the advice of an expert before trying to complete work alone. Als Tree Surgery aim to offer a service that is friendly and easy to access for all tree owners. We offer a free of charge and no obligation quotation service that allows individuals to meet with a member of our team discuss tree work requirements.

There are a variety of techniques that tree owners can benefit from to satisfy their requirements and to help find the one that might suite you please find more information on some of these to follow:

If your tree/trees does take up all of your light in your garden there is a technique called tree thinning that a qualified tree surgeon can offer to help resolve this. This technique opens up the tree crown to allow more light through the tree, tree thinning can also prevent wind blown trees as the air flow can then easily pass through the tree instead of creating a force that pushes against it. Crown thinning is a pruning technique primarily used on hardwood trees, and the selective removal of stems and branches not only increases light penetration and air movement throughout the crown of a tree, but can also make life uncomfortable for tree pests further aiding the health of your tree.

A full crown reduction is a popular tree pruning service provided to businesses and residents within the Romford area. It allows for the full crown of a tree to be reduced all around in size. Tree surgeons will usually calculate this in percentages and will look at the amount of branch growth that might need to be cut away from the tree to offer a more balanced and uniform look in acordance with the reduction in size and height that will both suit a tree and tree owner. This can be an important service as it can offer stability to a tree as well as allowing tree owners to enjoy the asthetic benefits of a well pruned tree.

Our Tree Pruning Services in Romford can also include the reshaping of trees whilst retaining a natural shape by reducing the ends of branches that have out grown the normal uniform of the tree. As mentioned normally there is a given percentage for tree reductions which will relate to how much would taken off of the ends of the branches; for example 20% would need to be cut off of the branches that protrude the natural shape and pruned back into the predominant shape of the tree.Tree reductions help keep your tree in good health maintaining the branches shape, form and weight, so that they do not break and leave dangerous, damaged or dieseased branches on you tree. Romford being a very urban town this can be an ever more important tree surgery service to consider not just for an individual property or the tree owner. Many trees overhang main roads and/or public footpaths, as well as neighbouring gardens. Trees can be an important feature to individuals and their family as well as the local wildlife. However essentially it is important to remember our responsibilities as a tree owner too. 

Emergency tree work can be expensive and can quite often not be the only cost endured by an unsafe tree. For this reason Als Tree Surgery will always recommend that the maintenance of a tree is considered before the condition of a specimen becomes dangerous. As an Essex based business, familiar with the Romford area we are happy to offer support to our clients and can provide a service to apply for permission to complete restricted tree work with the local borough council. We are able to provide reports in situations where there is concern surrounding a tree and can help to review how urgent tree works might be to complete at a property.

Tree Cutting in Romford is also important for so many reasons and as a popular urban are many residents will consider the asthetic reasons to have tree pruning serrvices completed at their property. We are happy to work with both residential and business customers within the Romford area and can provide services that will help to keep a property looking it's very best. As well as the care of trees we offer other services within the Romford area such as hedgetrimming and seasonal practices such as leaf cleaning and garden clearances.

We take pride in how green we are in the U.K and Romford trees are beautiful features of an urban town of Essex maintaining our connection with the natural world. The condition of a tree from the first inspection that we make can paint a picture of the tree's health and potential lifespan. A professional tree surgeon or arborist will look at a variety of factors when inspecting a tree, including the position of tree, dangers the tree could cause now or in future if pruning work is not carried out and potential damages to the public and property during the tree work as well as after the completion of a service. Simple observations like the number of pests evidenced in a tree can offer information to a professional and the best options for a tree owner will alway be given to our clients.

We also offer shechduled maintenance programs on trees and hedges so that you can sit back and feel safe that your tree/trees are being well maintained and looked after by specialist tree surgeons, whom both know and understand about trees, the dangers that they can pose and who appreciate what a safe and healthy tree can bring to a home, family and it's environment. Our tree maintenance programmes are offered to both commercial and private clients as we feel that this is an important service that can be offered to any person looking for a long term solution to tree care at their property. If this is a service that interests you please enquire with a member of our staff for a bespoke quotation.

Tree Trimming services whether set up as a full time tree maintenance programme or just as and when the owner of a tree feels it is required will help the health of your trees. The advice of a qualified tree surgeon can be priceless tool to understanding and knowing when and what kind of tree care service you might require now or in the future. Services such as tree deadwooding can be an essential and rewarding tree surgery service to complete. This particular tree care technique helps by removing any dangerous branches or limbs that are dead and could potentially fall at any given moment, risking property and people if allowed to stay in a tree. 

A professional arborist/tree surgeon will have attained qualifications that has assessed his/her capability of safely practicing tree surgery services. A tree surgeon will be able to use a variety of tree surgery techniques to complete a range of tree care works. All tree work is to be completed using a general minimum standard otherwise known to us as the British Standards. The British Standards are around in all areas of our lives from the food we eat, the furniture we buy to the services that we require. There are two main bs standards that a professional tree surgeon should know about and use these are as follows:

  • British Standard 3998:1989 ‘British Standard Recommendations for Tree Work’
  • British Standard 5837:1991 ‘Trees in Relation to Construction'

As a professional tree care company we have a range of equipment to allow us to offer our services from the very smallest to larger more long term projects. Having the right equipment means that we can turn tasks such as tall hedges and older shrubs from a burden to maintain to a beautiful mature feature in a garden. Householders, balanced on a step ladders, clippers in hand is a recipe for a bad accident, and often we hear stories of how our clients have finally decided to call a professional tree care specialist after breaking a leg or an arm in such situations. We can offer services to trim or remove climbers like ivy, clematis and honeysuckle from trees or buildings and feel that our range of tree and gardening services allow a variety of clients to make use of and the most of our competitive prices.


To recieve a free quotation please call or email us to book an appointment to meet with a member of our team.